After Igor’s athletic career Igor Gantsevich has changed his priorities to growing the exciting sport of fencing through our youth. As a result Igor launched a successful in schools program with the help and guidance of: British Columbia Fencing Association, Dynamo Fencing Club and West Vancouver School Board. In 2013 / 2014 Igor introduced fencing to over 10 000 kids in the lower mainland which has quickly become the largest fencing program of its kind in Canada. Igor’s goal is to expose fencing to every Canadian house hold.

School Programs Fencing School Programs

West Vancouver School Board: Igor is currently working with the West Vancouver School Board (SD45) and introducing fencing to all kids from grade 2 to 7. As a result over 10 fencing teams have been launched in West Vancouver. During the 2014 / 2015 school year the teams will begin competing against each other. In 2013 / 2014 over 5000 kids were exposed to fencing in West Vancouver.

West Vancouver Premier Academy: The only program of its kind in Canada. Allows children to excel academically while pursuing a dream in sport.

West Vancouver School District Fencing Academy

IGFencing In Schools

IGFencing in schools

Mulgrave School – West Vancouver, BC

Cedardale Elementary – West Vancouver, BC

Westcot Elementary – West Vancouver, BC

West Bay Elementary – West Vancouver, BC

Gleneagles Elementary – West Vancouver, BC

Pauline Johnston Elementary – West Vancouver, BC

Hollyburn Elementary – West Vancouver, BC

Caufield Elementary – West Vancouver, BC

Chartwell Elementary – West Vancouver, BC

Irwin Park Elementary – West Vancouver, BC

Ridgeview Elementary – West Vancouver, BC

In School Presentations

Cost: $7.00 per child per class

$500.00 minimum per day charge

Equipment is provided

Insurance is covered in the fee

Available for one, two or three day demos for each child

Minimum number of kids per day: 100

Minimum number of classes per day: 2

Up to 60 kids per class (30 is the ideal number)

Program Length: 40 to 45 minutes at elementary schools; 60 to 75 minutes at high schools

Private Lessons Availabe Upon Request